Bare-boat sailing yachts charters – Necessary license & booking procedure

Bareboat certificates

Since 2004, port police requires that one crew member has at least an RYA day skipper, International Certificate of Competence (ICC) or national equivalent.
If your sailing license is issued by a country outside the European Union, it must be accompanied by a translation in English. The port police also recognize any official paper from a sailing school, a yacht club or any relative organization, that has tested and can verify your ability to handle a sailing yacht.
The British certificate of RYA practical day skipper is in most cases sufficient. An International Certificate of Competence or RYA coastal skipper & yacht master offshore or higher certificates is almost always accepted. Note, that sometimes the Greek port authorities will still require that one from the crew, has a second license, or just be on the level of “competent crew” or up.

Bareboat charters Conditions for booking

In order to book a bareboat, you need to have at least 2 persons who are know how to control the boat and have a license to prove it.You also have to leave a security deposit (cash or Credit card number) before getting your boat. The amount is different for each boat. usually is the same as the insurance waiver for the boat policy.
Before leaving port, you have to sign a special charter agreement contract with us where all these details are explained. We can send you a typical contract. Port authorities may also ask you to check your passport and sailing license.

A mandatory test of your ability to control sailing yachts will take place before letting the boat leave the port. Nothing too difficult, just get out of the mooring and return without an insident. As you can understand our skippers are extremely experienced and a person that doesn’t really know how to handle a sailboat is very easy for them to spot. Should you fail even this simple test, for your own safety, as well as your crew and all others sailing around, you will have to hire a skipper if you want to leave the port. Please don’t make the day miserable for everyone involved and make sure you are qualified to go sailing before booking with us.

We do not offer motor yachts for a bareboat so don’t bother asking.

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