Limnos – Samothraki – Agios Efstratios


Limnos located in North Aegean, has an area 476 square kilometers and a coastline of 259 km. The island’s capital and main port is Myrina. Myrina is 84 nm from Mytilene and 160 nm from Thessaloniki.
Lemnos is a purely volcanic island with small hills and lack of vegetation. The indented coastline is forming multiple bays with great beaches. The two main bays of the island are Moudros in south and Mpournias north. To the east of the island, near the village Kontopouli are the salt lakes Alyki and Chortarolimni, extremely important habitats visited by rare birds.
Lemnos is exposed to fierce winds that blow almost throughout the year so it is called by Homer “Anemoessa” ,Ideal place for fans of sailing and windsurfing.
Despite the rocky ground, Lemnos island is quite fertile with high quality products such as cereals, wine, figs, raisins, almonds and honey.
The island has a plenty fresh and tasty fish. The rocky beaches, and numerous reefs around the island, make it an ideal place for underwater fishing.


Samothraki is located in the northeastern Aegean Sea and is known since antiquity as the “Holy Island” because here were held the Kaveiria Mysteries, mysteries similar with the Eleusinian Mysteries. The island is from Alexandroupolis about 22 nautical miles. It can be reached either through the port of Alexandroupolis, either through the port of Kavala when sailing from Northern Greece.
According to Homer, the mountainous part of the island (called Saos), was used by god Poseidon with his son Aginora, to watch the battle of Troy. Deep canyons tear the mountain rocks through a dense network of small and large streams.
Above all what makes Samothraki so different from all the other islands of Greece, is the number of fresh waters streams. The coast of Samothraki are sandy, covered with white rocks. On the south side of the island near Lakkoma there is a beautiful beach called Pahia Ammos, covered with sand. Then you meet the exotic Vatos, where there are trees and the cool fresh water meets with the sea. At Kremasto there is a waterfall where the water falls in deep blue sea. Endless coasts all around the island, reveal some of the secret beauties of Samothrace which nature and sea is protected from the Natura 2000 initiative.

Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios Island 18 nautical miles southwest of Lemnos. It has an area about 44, a harbor and a main village located in the Northwest part of the island.
It has small beautiful beaches with clear waters and is a known place for those involved in underwater fishing. The island is ideal place for peaceful holidays. The fantastic beaches, fresh fish and excellent cheese products, attracts many visitors every summer. On the island there are small pension, cafes, taverns and bars, which allow vacationers to enjoy the hospitality of the people and the serenity of the place. The islands port can accommodate a sufficient number of yachts. There are beautiful swimming beaches, Aghios Antonios, Aghios Dimitrios, Ftylio, Lidario, Panagia and Kalami. A very nice experience is to sail around the island by boat to the sea caves, many of which the Mediterranean monk seals find refuge, as the area is protected from the Marine Park of N. Sporades. For those involved in the scuba dive there are good fishing spots around the islets Dodeka Apostoli, Daskalio and Velia.

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