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Sailing Holidays to the Saronic Gulf Islands – Aegina, Poros, Ydra, Spetses

If you’re looking for a sailing holiday destination that combines stunning scenery, crystal-clear waters, and charming seaside towns, the Saronic Gulf islands of Greece are a perfect choice. Aegina, Poros, Ydra, and Spetses are just a few of the gems you’ll discover on a sailing holiday in this area.

The Peloponnese, in Argolis, was once linked to Attica by the Isthmus of Corinth and now is associated with the channel. Among the Peloponnese and Attica, a sea formed and is now called the Saronic Gulf, the most famous and widespread sailing area in Greece located near Athens. In this area are the islands of Aegina, Poros, and Agistri in the southern part. The second area is superb and is called Argolikos Bay. Located south of the Saronic after Poros with the islands of Hydra and Spetses among other smaller islands.

  • Agistri with crystal beaches
  • Resort island of Aegina with picturesque villages, famous for its curative baths,
  • Methana,
  • Poros, with its unique natural beauty and good touristic infrastructure,
  • Historic Salamis with stunning landscapes,
  • Spetses unparalleled but beautiful monippa
  • The cosmopolitan island of Hydra, which has been declared a natural and historical monument composes the irresistible glamorous image of the islands in the Saronic Gulf.

During summer the Meltemi is the typical wind in this area. Along the mainland coast from the Corinth Canal to Cape Sounion as well as the area between Methana and the region (Attica) it will blow Force 4-6, from NNE – NE. The winds are less strong near the Methana peninsula and Poros, whereas near Cape Sounion they might be stronger.

Aegina & Agistri Island

Approximately 18 miles from Attica, Aegina is usually the first or last stop for many day cruises in the Saronic. After all, most of the 10,000 inhabitants of the island work in Athens and make the daily journey by boat. Once the island was very fertile but lost most of the trees by only growing the famous Peanuts trees. Fortunately, a newly constructed reservoir of water saved the natural beauty of the island! The port of Agia Marina is located on the east side of Aegina and is a site of exceptional beauty. It is one of the most famous resorts in the Saronic Gulf. Extensive pine forests end up in the crystal waters of the bay of Agia Marina and create a coastline with superb beaches and coves. Agia Marina also presents important archaeological interest, as the visitor can see the Temple of Aphaia. Agia Marina is ideal for long summer vacations, but for weekend getaways. The modern visitor, except for the antiquities and relics, will find many fantastic beaches, excellent for those who love the sea. Many fishing villages and lush landscapes make the island a magnet for all categories of visitors. South of the town of Aegina, in the western part of the island you will find the seaside village of Marathon, and, below, a beautiful fishing village of Perdika. From there, you can pass on Agistri island and Moni. If you are at Perdika at noon, you will enjoy fresh fish, perhaps the best in the isle.
Agistri is located just 55 minutes from Piraeus and close to Aegina. It is a small paradise, full of pine trees that reach the blue waters. Agistri has two natural harbors, harbor Skala and port Megalochori. Agistri is offered for wonderful summer holidays and relaxing Weekends. In Agistri, you will find green pine forests, sandy beaches, crystal waters, peace, tranquility, and lively nightlife for those who want it. Known for its breathtaking sunsets, Aegina is the largest of the Saronic Gulf islands. The island boasts a rich history, with ancient ruins and a stunning 5th-century BC temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. In Aegina town, you’ll find a lively waterfront promenade, narrow streets lined with shops and cafes, and a picturesque fishing port.


Poros island in the Saronic Gulf just 35.5 nautical miles from Piraeus, attracts many visitors every summer. Beautiful beaches, quaint little houses, mountains covered with pine forests.
The island is volcanic and was created by the merger of two islands that existed before. Located close to the Argolid, from which it is separated by a very narrow channel that turns west to the Bay of Grand Neoreia, immersed in the arms of a beautiful pine forest. The island is divided in two by a canal: the larger piece (the old Kalafreia)has a height of 390 meters. The smallest is volcanic, and it is where the city is built. Every spring the Charter Yacht Show takes place on the island with many visitors, all kinds of yachts, and happenings
The hospitality of its inhabitants and the lush greenery of Poros make it a very pleasant place, as a basis for exploring the Argolic coasts where you can enjoy visits to the Lemon Forest, the ruins of Trizinia of Epidaurus, the Tiryns, and Mycenae. From the island of Poros, you can take day trips to the Temple of Poseidon, built in the 6th century BC and the Monastery of the Life-Giving Fountain.
Visitors can find a lot of cafes, bars, and restaurants. The island has two enormous, beautiful beaches of Askeli and Neoreia and many smaller ones. With its pine-covered hills, turquoise waters, and neoclassical architecture, Poros is a postcard-perfect island. The charming town of Poros features a vibrant harbor area, where you can enjoy fresh seafood, local wine, and traditional Greek hospitality. Be sure to visit the clock tower, a landmark that offers stunning views of the island and the surrounding sea.


As you approach the port of Hydra are sure that the picture of the island along with the natural beauty of the gifted landscape will captivate your eyes. This is also one of the reasons why Hydra is an ideal resort for your vacation.
Hydra, located in the southern part of the Argosaronic Islands very close to Athens, and therefore is a unique destination even for two-day getaways. Hydra has some 2,300 inhabitants, and there are no cars allowed on the island.
It is a very picturesque island with a critical maritime history that is reflected in the restored mansions, the old picturesque port with its battlements and cannons, museums, monasteries, the naval academy, and other evidence that is a historically significant place.
The town of Hydra, the only town on the island has been declared a preserved monument. It is stretched on two rocky hills and is composed of traditional houses with tiled roofs, dark blue doors and windows, and flowered courtyards.
If you are interested in spending your vacation in the heart of a very picturesque and traditional but also cosmopolitan and bustling resort, seize the opportunity to visit Hydra, to live an unforgettable experience. The island of Hydra is famous for the dense vegetation around the shores and the magnificent crystal clear waters of the beaches. The topography varies from beach to beach. You will find beaches with sand, pebbles and rocky points where you can dive into the deep refreshing waters. Starting from the town of Hydra on the south side are the beaches Mandraki, Spilia, Hydronetta, Avlaki, Vlihos, Palamidas, Molos, and Bistis, while on the southeastern side of the island, you will find the beaches of Agios Nikolaos, Nisizas and Limionizas. One of the most picturesque islands in Greece, Ydra is a car-free haven where donkeys are the main mode of transportation. The island’s charming town features neoclassical architecture, narrow alleyways, and whitewashed houses with red-tiled roofs. Ydra’s harbor is a popular spot for yachts and sailboats, and you’ll find plenty of waterfront cafes and tavernas to enjoy.


This tiny, green island full of beautiful small churches is the perfect contrast with its distant neighbors, Paros and Delos, isolated in the winter when the sea swells and storms erupt. The excellent network of marine and road transportation has transformed the island into a travel destination for people in different directions-west Epidaurus and Athens in the north, the central Cyclades to the east. However, the actual proximity to the capital, the fresh and pleasant summer climate, and the happy atmosphere have made it the favorite resort of the Athenians who know how to appreciate the luxury and splendor of the island. The island of Spetses has impressive historical and architectural treasures that make it a favorite tourist destination. Dapias square with the cannons in the harbor, bringing together the historical figures of 1821, and the mansion of Bouboulina, which has been converted into a museum with precious relics. You can also visit the Museum of Spetses, which is housed in the mansion of Chatzigianni Mexi and contains ancient and interesting artifacts from the Greek Revolution. Every September there is the Armata Festival that takes place on the island setting on fire a boat in the old harbor and fireworks in the sky honoring the Greek revolution against the Turks. On the island of Spetses, you can admire the traditional houses and walk on paved squares where you will see busts of historical figures, the tower clock, and white churches. In Old Harbor, the pride of Spetses, you will feel the romantic atmosphere, while the presence of the lighthouse will give you the feeling of being in another era. With its elegant mansions, fragrant pine forests, and sparkling seas, Spetses is a jewel of the Saronic Gulf. The island’s main town features a charming harbor, narrow streets, and a lively waterfront promenade. The island is also home to a number of beautiful beaches, perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Sailing in the Saronic Gulf is a dream come true for sailors and non-sailors alike. The calm waters, sheltered anchorages, and easy navigation make it the perfect place for novice sailors to gain experience, while experienced sailors will appreciate the variety of sailing conditions and the chance to explore some of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an adventure with friends, a sailing holiday in the Saronic Gulf islands is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Contact us today to learn more about our sailing holiday options in this beautiful part of Greece.

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