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2024 Yacht delivery service. Transfer Sailboats, Motor or Super-yachts

Professional yacht transport Captain for Sailing, Motoryacht, or Superyacht

charterAyacht delivery service will transfer your brand new or old vessel to or from the Mediterranean, in time, professionally, and safely to or from anywhere in the world. Some of our team’s skippers will make sure to deliver your yacht (or your customer’s) in excellent condition. As always in this business, the trick is in the Crew and the details. That is why we have gathered a team of seamen with a few million miles in their logbooks. We will take professional yachts or private vessels to be transferred for business or your holidays, to the desired destination at a competitive rate.

Experience matters

The safety of your yacht and the crew is the first rule of professionalism. We understand yachting and will respect your property as we would our boat. Before we leave the port, we expect the yacht to be handed out by its maintainer/skipper and its mechanic. We thoroughly inspect the boat systems, rigging, electronics, engine, electrics, and fittings.

  • Anything missing from the boat that is necessary to have onboard for the boat to be shipshape will be purchased at the owner’s cost (for example minimum spare parts for the engine, spare lamps, minimum toolbox, etc,).
  • All necessary legal documents of the boat must be in order.
  • The vessel’s insurance must be in order and cover anyone to sail it.
  • A letter from the owner authorizing us to sail his/her’s yacht, preferably notified by local authorities is also required.
  • Fire extinguishers, liferafts, and other safety equipment must be recently inspected and the inspection date not expire before the delivery date.
  • Plenty of mooring lines, a working windlass with a big enough anchor, and in reasonable length and condition chain are required.
  • Generally, we need the boat to be in a minimum shipshape condition or bring it to such before leaving port.

A new boat is as difficult to inspect as an old one. Nothing has been really tested yet. And many times things don’t work out of the box. We are very happy to find that the owner has a shipshape boat ready to go. As professional yacht movers, we aim to deliver the yacht in better condition and more prepared for the sea than it was when we got it for delivery. The survey/testing procedure is done by a comprehensive checklist that has been updated for years from our experiences and usually takes a day. And of course, if anything illegal is found onboard, the proper authorities will be immediately notified with our full cooperation.

Assisted yacht deliveries for those who don’t yet feel confident in 2024.

Our highly experienced MCA captain and its team of pro skippers love the sea. If you don’t yet feel confident enough you can hire one or more of our team to assist you in your passage. Our delivery skipper rates are very competitive in comparison to the quality of the service you will be getting. And don’t forget that all our crew is professional skippers that regularly take completely novice people for a couple of weeks holidays, so they know how to interact with guests onboard and take good care of them. Join us on the transfer of your yacht or a part of it if you like. Our skippers will help you become confident with all the skills you need as a skipper.

Regular reports and logbook

At charterAyacht we believe in good communication, so we will be giving you a daily report of our progress by email. We will be keeping a logbook of the delivery trip. And of course, we can talk on the telephone anytime.

“Every delivery is handled by an MCA Captain or a professional charter Skipper ”

Yacht delivery captain and crew roster

Argyris: An MCA Master (unlimited GT license) with voyages all over the world at merchant marine vessels as an officer of the watch and Captain. More recently large tourist ships (150+ passengers) and private superyachts captain.

Theodoris: A Merchant Marine First Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in all types and sizes of commercial vessels and private yachts.

Nikos: Greek airforce high-ranking office, retired, a Meteorologist by profession, has been for more than 20 years instructor at yachting clubs schools of open waters yacht sailing (the equivalent to an RYA Ocean Yachtmaster instructor). A Motoryacht owner himself.

Chris: Ex-computers technician, studied Civil engineering, decide to be a touristic professional sailboat skipper with his professional sailboat. Done thousands of days at sea with novice people taking them to the holidays of a lifetime. He is our electric and electronics expert that can pinpoint and fix an electric problem.

Greg: Ex-Hellenic navy seals and touristic professional sailboat skipper with his professional sailboat. Has a master’s degree in economics. Done thousands of days at sea with novice people taking them to the holidays of a lifetime. Scuba expert in underwater technical works and salvage.

Any one of them can deliver your yacht on his own! But there always be at least two of them!

Kostis: Our shore counselor – a highest-ranking officer of the Hellenic Navy, retired, Captain of Destroyers, Helicopter pilot, and instructor. He is the trip’s strategy master and with his vast network of people all over the Mediterranean helps us solve any hairy situation.

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    Why do we offer our yacht delivery skipper services only from or to the East Mediterranean, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, etc?

    Our opinion is that airplane tickets are costly enough. So we make sure our customers will pay for a costly air ticket only one way, for the start or return. Then we will be close to home and transport costs will be lower. After all, there are good skippers everywhere, so we specialize in trips from and to East Med. And we know the area very well as a result.

    Typical delivery routes include:

    • South of France to Ionian sea yacht delivery
    • Italian riviera to the Cyclades islands delivery captain
    • Black sea to Halkidiki boat transfer
    • Italian Adriatic coast to Cyprus or Israel yacht transport
    • Majorca to Malta Motoryacht delivery
    • Atlantics coast of France to Saronic gulf yacht delivery
    • and anything else you may imagine

    How much does yacht transport by sea cost

    The cost depends on a number of parameters. Most important are the expectations of the owner and the timeframe. Generally, the cost is lower when there is enough time to choose good weather conditions to make the passage of several last-minute “emergency” trips, not in ideal conditions. In any case, we will refuse to sail your boat if the conditions are expected to reach the point that continuing will start damaging the boat or risk the crew’s wellbeing. Another cost parameter, especially in motor yachts, is speed. We normally will choose the max economy rpm’s which normally translates to about 19-21 knots. If time is a factor and we need to go faster the fuel bill can quickly go very high. Or if the weather is against us. In yacht delivery, the boat size is another factor and may mean more crew is needed.
    For all these reasons, we would like to talk with the boat owner and gather all the required information before making an offer. In order for the delivery agreement to be valid, a signed copy of the contract is required and a deposit is paid to us with the projected expenses.

    Every delivery has different aspects. That is why For a contract is based on the requirements of each owner.

    What does the price of yacht delivery include?

    Regular delivery expenses:

    • skipper and crew salary
    • fuel
    • water
    • food
    • marina and port fees
    • customs clearance fees and local taxes (e-ΤΕΠΑΙ in Greece)
    • canal’s passages fees
    • bad weather stops
    • repair stops up to one day
    • pre-delivery survey
    • post-delivery cleaning
    • airplane tickets
    • TAXI or other on-land travel to your vessel and back from the final destination
    • charts with the latest updates (if not onboard)
    • nautical almanac and local pilot books
    • post-delivery technical report

    Yacht delivery fuel costs

    The owner will have to transfer to us the projected amount of money for the fuel purchased during the passage before the start of the journey.

    Sometimes we have deliveries in the middle Aegean Meltemi season. The weather windows are short and must be fully used between multi-day forbidding weather conditions, or an alternative route to be chosen. We will go on the engine because if we don’t make the necessary distance, the next stop will be days long, waiting for the next weather window. An example illustrates how much other factors affect fuel consumption.

    Necessary repairs and expenses

    We can make only small repairs during the passage. If the engine, sails, or any other part has to be repaired for safety, the customer will pay for it before the yacht delivery. Otherwise, we will refuse the delivery return home at the owner’s expense and keep the deposit as a cancellation fee. All expenses are approved by the client before being carried out. Delay due to repairs is paid as on passage. In case the repair cannot be done within three days, we have the right to terminate the contract.

    Superyacht transport

    Superyachts usually are transferred by purpose-built, semi-submersible carriers, designed especially for Superyacht transportation. However, for a lot of reasons you may need to deliver your vessel a shorter distance, or no company has a route to where you need it to be. In this case, if you just bought a new yacht and don’t yet have a skipper, we are here to solve your problem deliver your superyacht, and even have a pro temporary captain for a few days. This way you can start your holidays immediately even before you hire the right person for the Captain’s position.

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