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Xtreme Spots is the perfect destination for all passionate and adventure-loving people.

It is a great resource of information about great spots for practicing.

Jump or climb, hike or bike, fall or drop, just get on board!
These are our favorite verbs.

Xtreme spots is a group of people, boys, and girls, some of us are young in body, some others young in the soul. Our common passion is to practice extreme sports in extreme spots around the globe.

Steep rocks, vast arenas, snow terrains, vertical drops, breathtaking waterfalls, deep waters, high cliffs, long tracks, big waves, and endless trails make part of our sightseeing priorities. Even though museums, galleries, archaeological sites, restaurants, and bars feed our minds and body, extreme spots boost our adrenaline levels and challenge our limits to explore peculiar locations.

This is our goal and our priority. We identify spots and present to our fellow interesting places on all five continents, where extreme sports can be practiced safely, both by amateurs and professionals. We are not just keen on identifying and recommending somewhere a spot. We also focus on technical elements and characteristics of an extreme spot where an extreme sport can be performed. Our challenge is to make a professional practitioner look for details of an xtreme spot, thus allowing him to expand his knowledge and experience while amateurs will be urged to leave their couch, once and for all.

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