All the tourist information for visiting Halkidiki you will ever need

Emergency telephones just in case you need any:

Taxi services telephones:

  • Polygyros +30 23710 22460.
  • Moudania + 30 23730 21371.
  • Kassandria- Kassandras peninsula,+30 23740 22295.
  • Neos Marmaras-Sithonias peninsula, +30 23750 71500.
  • Agios Nicolaos- Sithonia, +30 23750 31324.
  • Sykia-Sithonia,+30 69420 17183 and + 30 6947 897777.
  • Arnea village – at the north mountain Halkidiki’s area- +3023720 22212.
  • Megali Panagia -Mount Athos peninsula- +30 23720 31111.

Public Bus Station ( KTEL )

  • Thessaloníkis central station for all villages to Halkidiki: tel + 30 2310 316555, 316565, 316575 or visit their web site:
  • Polygiros Bus Station:tel + 30 23710 22309.
  • Nea Moudania Bus Station tel+ 30 23730 21228.
  • Kassandra Bus Station tel + 30 23740 23714.
  • Kallithea Bus Station tel + 30 23740 23714.
  • Nea Kallikratia tel+ 30 23990 21048.

Travelers health – Hospital and Health centers.

As Greece is a member state of the E.U the European Health card -EHIC- is acceptable and covers you for most medical care in public and private hospitals. For the country as Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Iceland the Health policy is the same as for E.U countries. In Thessaloníki you can find many privet clinics. Halkidiki has a big public and very well-organized general hospital located in the Halkidiki’s capital town in Polygyros, tel: +30 23710 201001, website:

You also find other Health centers for first aid in villages such as:

Nea kallikratia, tel+30 23990 22245, web-site:

Nea Moudania,tel+30 23733 50000, web-site:

Kassandra,tel+30 23743 50000, web-site:

Agios Nikolaos,Sithonia, tel+30 23753 50000, web-site:

Mount Athos,Karyes, tel+ 3023770 23217.

Region Tourist Offices and Associations in Halkidiki:

  • Region of central Macedonia-Region of Halkidiki.
    Tel: +30 23713 51240, E-mail:

Halkidiki Hotel Association:

Tel + 30 2310 424020, +30 2310 424022, website:,
E-mail : info@

Federation of Holidays Rooms and Apartments in Halkidiki:

Tel+30 23710 24492, website:
E-mail: .

Camping Association of Halkidiki:

Tel+30 23750 22042,web-site :,
E-mail: .

Credit cards, ATMs, and banks:

You won’t have any trouble locating a Greek bank branch or an ATM in any of the three villages that make up the Halkidiki peninsula, regardless of where you choose to spend your holiday. Credit cards are accepted everywhere, including resorts, hotels, rooms, flats, villas, camping grounds, and stores and restaurants. It is recommended that you refrain from using it at beach bars, namely those beach bars that are not operated by resorts or five-star hotels. You can even use it while you are in a VIP cab. Even regular taxis sometimes accept credit card payments because they have point-of-sale machines, so if you want to make sure the driver will take your card, ask him or her before you get in the taxi. You are required to have cash on hand in order to pay for rides on the buses or the water taxis. If you wish to charter a yacht, there are many different payment choices available to you. You can, of course, use your credit card, but you can also use the system known as pay pal or one of the many other internet payment systems.

Information that is used every day but is nonetheless vital

  • Water: It is not dangerous to drink water from the tap, particularly in the villages of Sithonia or in the region of Polygiros, as well as in the communities that are located in the hills or mountains. In more populated areas, such as Kassandra’s region, purchasing water in bottled form is suggested.
  • The electric current is 220 volts at 50 hertz.
  • Tipping is always dependent on the total amount of the bill, the atmosphere of the restaurant, cafe, or bar, and the level of service received; the typical tip ranges from 5 to 10 percent of the bill.


There are a few bed-and-breakfasts, rooms to let, studios, and flats that are dog-friendly. In addition, there are certain sailing boats for charter that will gladly accommodate pets despite the fact that they are particularly large or weighty. In general, dogs are permitted on organized beach bars, but they are not allowed in the water with their owners. If you want to bring your dog with you to the beach, you must have the health certification with you, and your dog must wear a collar with an identification that includes his or her name, your phone number, your second line, your address, and your country initially, as well as his or her lead, as he or she must be tied near to your chair or to your beach chair, and you must also have an o but without wearing it.
Even though some high-end resorts allow guests to bring their dogs into their bungalows, apartments, or villas, these pets are not permitted on the beach, at the beach bar, or in the pool bars, so travelers should exercise caution.
The experience of having a whole day trip chartering a pet-friendly yacht, sharing time while enjoying swimming into the azure sea with your lovely dog, exploring hiden coves, and small peninsulas that only by boat can visit, visiting the untouched tiny island is an amazing and really unforgettable and unique experience. There are some free beaches that are not organized in which the dogs are free to swim.

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