Life-jackets & safety onboard


We have a couple of swimming aids only for young children. Emergency Life Jackets onboard are more than enough for everyone. Those are for emergency ONLY!
We do not put on lifejackets before departing, there is really no need, not required by law, and not in the very long Greek seamanship culture. The reason is that we don’t have strong tides or currents in our area as in so many Western Europe seas, so it’s pretty safe without them. If you have a big teenager that can’t swim he should already have his own buoyancy aid and we can’t provide something like this. If you have a child who is extra active and you would feel safer when wearing a safety aid, ask the skipper to put it on him/her.

Fire extinguishers

We have onboard at least 2 as per the requirement of the marine surveyor protocols that inspect regularly the boat. They pass yearly inspections/maintenance as all our safety equipment does and are certified by an authorized company.

Other safety equipment

The boat is equipped with a GMDSS system meaning either two DSC capable VHF radios with separate electric systems or one and an EPIRB epergency satelight beacon. Those are also yearly inspected and certified.
Attention!!! those equipment are there for your safety and should be operated only by your Skipper. Anyone fiddling with them may result in an emergency declaration, Coastguard boats and/or helicopters sent to find us and in the end, you will be presented with a very big bill for calling the Authorities without reason. Please make sure nobody starts pressing any button they find especially children.

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