Halkidiki yacht trip

Boat trips is a great way to enjoy Halkidiki’s hidden beauty

Chalkidiki day sailing and motor yachts trips

Sail away from the crowds for a day with your family, friends or colleagues with a great getaway idea. Charter a sailing or a motor yacht for a day cruise in Halkidiki. You can combine snorkelling, fishing, site seeing, swimming in remote coasts and a great lunch on board or in a tavern.

You can have your birthday party on board, or if you are a company, there is no better way for bonding with your colleagues than taking them on a sailing day cruise and have fun.

All yachts can be equipped with snacks, fresh fruits, an open bar with beverages and drinks depending on the package you select. You can have a great lunch at a traditional fishing port, just ask the skipper to take you in a sea tavern for fresh fish.

Either way, day cruises are the best idea to visit places in Halkidiki that can not be approached by car, avoid crowded beaches and discover your own remote places along with your friends, family or colleagues, and spend a day you will never forget.

Halkidiki sailing - relaxing on deck near kelyfos island

Halkidiki sailing [Video]

Sometimes written as Chalkidiki or Chalcidice, any way you write it is a paradise for yachting and Halkidiki sailing In Central Macedonia South region, cut out from the mainland is Halkidiki, Greece. It is Greece’s secret paradise. Shaped as three...

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