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Vacation for all the family

One of the greatest sailing destinations in Greece is North Sporades, a group of islands in the Northern part of the Aegean Sea, located about 40 NM of the mainland. The winds are mild the weather is typical great from May until October. There are plenty of places to visit at the three top Islands Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and the smaller Pelagos or Kira Panagia and the uninhabited Peristera, Skantzoura, Yioura, Piperi, and Psathoura.

The NE part of the island complex is a National Wildlife Park, famous as one of the last breeding places of the Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus).

The Northern Sporades are perfect for sailing and motor yachting because:

  • there are a lot of safe and equipped ports
  • Mild winds, ideal for sailing
  • plenty remote protected gulfs to spend the night on anchor
  • many beautiful traditional villages to visit
  • An unlimited number of beautiful beaches, some private and some organized with beach bars, lifeguards, etc.
  • Easy access
  • great food ( Skopelos is famous for its pies, Skiathos is famous for its goat meat, and Alonissos is known for the fresh fish )
  • unbelievable sunrises and sunsets
  • open sea game fishing
  • vibrant nightlife at Skiathos and Skopelos

Sporades sailing package

The Sporades sailing package consists of seven – day sailing. The journey starts from Porto Carras Grand Resort Marina in Halkidiki and takes you around most of the North Sporades islands, with plenty of stops for swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing. It’s a dream holiday.

Sailing the Sporades with a sailing boat is a cheap and alternative way to spend your holiday than to spend a week in just one island staying at a “rent a room”. Especially if you consider the cost of ferrying yourself and your automobile to the aisle.

And don’t forget the sailing!

The vacation package offered, includes the sailing boat, skipper, port and marina fees, fuel and water. As the boats have a kitchen is fully equipped, it is possible to cook on board.

Unforgettable yachting holidays!

Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos sailing cruise itinerary.

  • Leave Neos Marmaras at 17:00. Make sure your stuff is tidy in the cabins, and we set sail for Glossa at Skopelos for the night. Along the way, we stop at The Southern edge of Kassandra and try our luck with trolling fishing for tuna (10-12 kg when in season)
  • Next morning sail to Skiathos, have a coffee, do some shopping and then visit some famous beaches like Koukounaries. early in the evening, we return to Skopelos and Neo Klima small fishing port with its fish taverns.
  • Sail around Skopelos to the Hora with stops at “Mama Mia” beaches Kastani, Panormo, Staphylo, Elia. Spend the night at Skopelos harbour to see the island and its nightlife. Good morning with a local pie.
  • Visit The North East of Skopelos and Southwest of Alonnisos beaches. Return to Skopelos Port for the night.
  • Sail to Alonnisos and early stop at Steni Vala, so you can take the bus to Alonissos Chora one of the best preserved traditional Aegean villages. Return for fresh fish at the Steni Vala tavernas.
  • Sail to Kyra Panagia and the remote area of the marine wildlife park of Monachus – Monachus Mediterranean seals. Sail to Agios Petros cove and spend the night at Planitis safe cove.
  • Return to Sithonia, stop at Psathoura small island with its lighthouse and Marathias beach on the way to and Porto Koufo fishing village. Then sail the west side of Sithonia and Return toy Neos Marmaras where we spend the night.
  • Leave the yachts by 9:00 in the morning.

Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos map with the route

The itinerary may change because of the actual weather or Guest request. The skipper will advise for best route and place to see. You may decide not to visit crowdy islands in the foul season to spend more time in the remote areas. They are unspoilt and unique.


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