Holidays and Sailing in the time of infectious diseases

Extra cleaning measures

Our yachts were always meticulously cleaned. Even more so these days, we have an extra checklist to make sure everyone, guests, and crew are safe. Luckily we have the salt of the sea and the strong sunlight on our side as they kill the virus very fast. On top of our usual cleaning routine we will:

  • Only one trip per day so more than 16 hours of airing time.
  • Let at least 3 hours airing of the boat between trips that last less 4 hours.
  • No sleeping allowed in the cabins.
  • Make sure all toilet, surfaces that are touched, stainless steel and cockpit area are sprayed with alcohol-based disinfectant (alcohol 70%)
  • A clean sheet will be laid on the cabins

The passengers and crew health Logbook, cleaning actions and suspected infectious disease infected guest action plan

We keep a logbook checklist of the important actions and measures carried out and to record them in enough detail (e.g. including date and time a disinfectant was used, by whom, where, etc.). This logbook can be used to improve the actions implemented.

A second logbook will be kept with the information of everyone the has been onboard, date and time of embarkation/disembarkation, and body temperature measurement.

Also, we will have onboard a written plan of actions in case of a suspected infectious disease infected guest, with all the necessary disinfectant and equipment needed to implement it as disposable gloves, surgical masks, eye protection, long sleeve disposable waterproof garment, shoe covers, chlorine and alcohol-based disinfectants and dangerous waste disposable bags to put everything in after finishing cleaning. The plan includes  1st actions, letting know of the proper authorities, which symptoms are considered suspicious, contract with a doctor for supervising these actions via the tel, and checking at the port suspicious incidents.

We have at your disposal at several places onboard:

  • Germicidal disinfectant for cleaning.
  • Face masks. (disposable) Note that disposable face masks can only be used once
  • Gloves. (disposable)

In our medical kit, we include the following items:

  • Germicidal disinfectant/wipes for surface cleaning Tissues.
  • Face/eye masks (separate or combined, face shield, goggles). Note that disposable face masks can only be used once (see Advice on the use of mask).
  • Gloves (disposable)
  • Protective apron (disposable)
  • Full-length long-sleeved gown
  • Biohazard disposable waste bag

Monitoring of guests who are possibly ill before embarcation

We will take the temperature of everyone, on the dock, before getting on board, with an IR thermometer. Unfortunately, anyone with a temperature above 37 Celcius will not be able to do the trip. So everyone will be safe. Or any other symptoms like couching, shortness of breath, etc (The latest definition of a suspected case of COVID-19 can be found on WHO website.). Please if you have any symptoms stay in your hotel room.


Tips that are canceled even at the last minute because of symptoms like couching, shortness of breath, high temperature will be fully refunded (once symptoms are verified by the hotel reception or a doctor)

As always we only do private trips so onboard will be only the people you have already been in contact (and the skipper)

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